Why the Conference?

The title of the conference Praga Caput Cultura was created after the historical formula Praga Caput Regni (Prague the Head of the Kingdom) being inscribed on the Old Town Hall since 1518. As the title of the conference indicates, Prague is a cultural flagship of the country. However,what is the role of the city council in terms of supporting the cultural sector and developing high quality culture and arts accessible to everyone? The main purpose of the conference is to ask questions about cultural policy of Prague and search for answers and ways how can the local government react on existing problems.

We believe that since the cultural sector in Prague is waiting for its strategy to be created, we believe that working in groups with experienced experts from abroad and also from the Czech Republic is a good start.

As the focus of the conference is the city of Prague as a whole, including the peripheral areas, the conference will take place at one of the peripheral locations in Prague, at the site of the Street for Art 2014 festival. Structure of the conference has been created to reach number of themes related to cultural policy creation such as tourism, creative entrepreneurship, research and mapping of cultural assets etc. (see the program of the conference).


For whom?

Councillors and heads of cultural and development departments of Prague city council and local municipalities, cultural managers of Prague budgetary organizations, directors of cultural institutions, festivals and NGO’s, urbanists and city developers, creative entrepreneurs, arts schools students and lecturers, researchers and writers…


The programme

The two-day programme offers vibrant panel discussions without Power Point presentations focusing on different perspectives on the same theme. Here, the audience will get a chance to ask questions and also discuss with the panel members. The afternoon sessions will be led by experienced experts from abroad and should be long enough to give te opportunity to create/discuss specific projects which then will be implemented within the new cultural policy of Prague.


Who we are?

Street for Art Festival

Is a festival about the arts and culture in peripheries. It deals with topics such as art in public space, local culture, arts participation, community arts and cultural development at the peripheral areas of Prague. For more information go to http://www.streetforart.cz/.


Prague Institute of Planning and Development

Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR Prague) is a budgetary organization of the City of Prague. It is in charge of preparation and processing of strategic, urban and spatial development documents of the City of Prague (Strategic Plan for Prague, the Land Use Plan of the City of Prague and Development Principles of the City of Prague). It is also in charge of preparation and processing of Planning Analytical Materials of the City of Prague. IPR supports cooperation between the public and private sectors in the area of fulfilling the strategic goals of the city. For more information go to http://www.iprpraha.cz/en/main.

David Kašpar
A Senior advisor for urban strategic planning with specialization on cultural field. David is the Director of a local cultural institution in Prague 14 and the Director of Street for Art festival.

Please, do contact me for any further information.
M: +420 777 321 105
E: dkaspar@gmail.com
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