9:30  PANEL I. Role of culture in a city development

What is the role of arts and culture in a city development? Do we understand arts and culture as a showcase, a product for sale or a life-giving element which activates citizens? The purpose of this panel is to present various perspectives on the role of arts and culture in a city development.

Panel speakers:

Weston Stacey (Executive Director of American Chamber of Commerce in the CR)

Ernst Woller (Vienna City Council, Arts & Culture Officer, Politician)

Krzysztof Nawratek (Lecturer in Architecture, School of Architecture, Design and Environment, University of Plymouth)

Jiří Fajt (Head of the National Gallery)

Presented by: Petr Vizina (A journalist and a TV presenter in music and arts, Musicblok, Czech Television)



11:15  PANEL II. Culture and tourism

Culture of the locals and culture of the tourists. Is there a way how to attract the visitors to a specific place and not to intervene into its nature? The purpose of this panel is to find inspiration for linking the tourists and grassroots arts organisations in Prague.

Panel speakers:

Andrea Kostner (Deputy Director, Content Management & Production of  Vienna Tourist Board)

Václav Novotný (Culture and Arts Officer, Prague City Council)

Šárka Tittelbachová (Senior consultant in destination management)

Petr Šourek (Director of Corrupt Tour)

Presented by: Pavlína Kvapilová (Journalist, TV presenter)



13:30  PANEL III. Arts and culture in public spaces

What does arts-in-public-spaces mean? Does the definition of public and private property only relate to the ownership rights? Who should be in charge of cultivating public spaces and coordinating the process of artistic intervention? The panel reacts on the need to coordinate interests of artists, Prague residents and other stakeholders

Panel speakers:

Martina Taig (Executive Director of KÖR Vienna)

Benjamin Foerster Baldenius (Architect, member of Raumlabor Berlin)

Harry Sachs (Co-Founder and Co-Director of ZKU/Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Berlin)

Marcela Straková (Cultural manager, fundraiser, Managing Director of Prague Quadriennal 2015)

Presented by: Šárka Havlíčková (Senior consultant in cultural policy & cultural manager)



15:00   SEMINAR I. (follow-up to the PANEL I.)

How to create a discussion platform on arts and culture in Prague?

So far the city of Prague has not established a platform for public discussion about current issues of Prague’s cultural sector. Could a formal discussion platform benefit the cultural sector in Prague? Who should convene such project and how should the city government reflect the outcomes? A model of a formal discussion platform will be presented during this session

Seminar led by: Lukáš Jiřička

Working session led by: Lukáš Jiřička

Duration: 135 minutes (15 minutes break)



15:00   SEMINAR II. (follow-up to the PANEL II.)

How to find a good communication tool and help tourists to explore the real Prague?

The main theme of the working session is search for an intermediary of visitors’ contact with culture and arts outside the city centre. The working session should also search for a solution of an on-going problem – balancing the needs of tourists and grassroots arts organisations.

Seminar led by: Andrea Kostner

Working session led by: Šárka Tittelbachová

Duration: 135 minutes (15 minutes break)



15:00   SEMINAR III. (follow-up to the PANEL III.)

What is the right approach to support of the arts in public spaces?

Public space is the main stage of a city and arts and culture are its essential element. Does Prague need a new officer whose agenda would take care of linking artists with the city council departments, broking the communication and initiate creation of new artistic projects on the streets? A discussion about the limits of freedom of creation in public spaces will be part of this session

Seminar led by: Benjamin Foerster Baldenius

Working session led by: Marcela Straková

Duration: 135 minutes (15 minutes break)