9:30  PANEL I. Local culture networks

This panel discussion focuses on culture and arts outside the city centre of Prague. What are the key elements of local arts and culture development? What is the best approach to support local culture and arts collaborations? Examples of good practice have shown that it is possible to develop outstanding arts and culture projects outside the city centre. What are the limits and opportunities for local, grassroots culture and arts and what are the specific features of local culture?

Panel speakers:

Roland Zarzycki (Project manager of Impart Festival 2016, Wroclaw)

James Thomas (Head of Music Service, Hackney Learning Trust, London)

Radek Vondra (Head of the Prague 14 City Council)

Michal Křivohlávek (Officer for local charity organisations, Prague 10)

Presented by: Olga Škochová (Senior consultant in cultural policy)



11:15  PANEL II. Research and strategic planning in arts and culture sector

What are the opportunities of strategic planning for culture sector? What kind of data provide the most useful evidence for strategic planning in arts and culture sector and which analyses allow the policy makers to evaluate the status quo? What are the limits of strategic planning based primarily on evidence?

Panel speakers:

Lia Ghilardi (A lecturer in Culture and Regeneration, founder of Noema Research Planning)

James Doeser (Independent writer & researcher, Culture Case project, London)

Jaroslav Novák (Czech Statistical Office, Department for Culture, Education, Sport and Social security research)

Eva Žáková (Head of the Arts Institute – Theatre Institute)

Presented by: Petr Návrat (Senior consultant, ReSITE festival, founder of Oh & návrat Planning Laboratory)




13:30  PANEL III. Creative entrepreneurship

What does the post-creative city look like? After the creative city, what does ‘good’ cultural work look like? How might cultural and creative work contribute to the social economy of the city? How might cultural collaboration and cooperation re-structure the cultural economy of the city? What role do citizens and participants play in cultural co-creation?

Panel speakers:

Calvin Taylor (Chair in Cultural Economy, University of Leeds)

Radek Špicar (Executive Director of Aspen Institute Prague)

Jana Vinšová (Founder and Director of CZECHDESIGN)

Petr Suška (Bubec sculpture workshops)

Erik Geuss (Head of Business Activities Department, City of Prague)

Presented by: Milota Sidorová (Programme co-ordinator of ReSITE, Fullbright scholar)



15:00   SEMINAR I. (follow-up to the PANEL I.)

Networking in arts and culture and collaboration within Prague districts

What are the tools the city council can support mutual discussion between culture and arts organisations in each district of the city? What is the key element of collaboration between arts and culture organisations within specific districts of Prague and local neighborhoods? What are the barriers of collaboration and how can they be withdrawn? What is the best approach to use local networks to work within a specific area? The working session focuses on opportunities for support of local arts and culture networks

Seminar led by: James Thomas

Working session led by: Michal Křivohlávek

Duration: 135 minutes (15 minutes break)



15:00   SEMINAR II. (follow-up to the PANEL II.)

Research in cultural sector for strategic planning and cultural policy

What is the best research approach to mapping of cultural assets in Prague? What kind of analyses does the city need to react on the needs of cultural sector? What is the role of audience research and audience segmentation in strategic planning in the arts and culture? Working session focuses on introducing the Arts Council England’s approach to strategic planning with reflections on the Czech/Prague context.

Seminar led by: James Doeser & Lia Ghilardi

Working session led by: James Doeser

Duration: 135 minutes (15 minutes break)




15:00   SEMINAR III. (follow-up to the PANEL III.)

Support of the development of creative entrepreneruship and nurturing its impact on the city development

Does Prague need a new officer to be in charge of representing interests of creative businesses? Should the officer for creative entrepreneurship be employed by the city council or should it be rather an independent professional? Which city council department should be this officer employed by? This working session will search for a successful development of creative entrepreneurship in Prague. Examples of good practice from abroad will be presented during this session.

Seminar led by: Calvin Taylor

Working session led by: Jana Vinšová

Duration: 135 minutes (15 minutes break)