Confirmed speakers:

Lia Ghilardi (A lecturer in Culture and Regeneration, founder of Noema Research Planning)

Weston Stacey (Executive Director of American Chamber of Commerce in the CR)

Ernst Woller (Vienna City Council, Arts & Culture Officer, Politician)

Krzysztof Nawratek (Lecturer in Architecture, School of Architecture, Design and Environment, University of Plymouth)

Petr Vizina (A journalist and a TV presenter in music and arts, Musicblok, Czech Television)

Andrea Kostner (Deputy Director, Content Management & Production of B2B Service Vienna)

Václav Novotný (Culture and Arts Officer, Prague City Council)

Šárka Tittelbachová (Senior consultant in destination management)

Petr Šourek (Director of Corrupt Tour)

Pavlína Kvapilová (Journalist, TV presenter)

Martina Taig (Executive Director of KÖR Vienna)

Benjamin Foerster Baldenius (Architect, member of Raumlabor Berlin)

Harry Sachs (Co-Founder and Co-Director of ZKU/Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Berlin)

Šárka Havlíčková (Senior consultant in cultural policy & cultural manager)

Michal Křivohlávek (Communications officer for non-profit organisations and charities, Prague 10)

Roland Zarzycki (Project manager of Impart Festival 2016, Wroclaw)

James Thomas (Head of Music Service, Hackney Learning Trust, London)

Radek Vondra (Head of the Prague 14 City Council)

Olga Škochová (Senior consultant in cultural policy)

James Doeser (Independent writer & researcher, Culture Case project, London)

Tomáš Ctibor (Head of Institute of Planning and Development, Prague)

Petr Návrat (Senior consultant, ReSITE festival, founder of Oh & návrat Planning Laboratory)

Calvin Taylor (Chair in Cultural Economy, University of Leeds)

Radek Špicar (Executive Director of Aspen Institute Prague)

Jana Vinšová (Founder and Director of CZECHDESIGN)

Milota Sidorová (Programme co-ordinator of ReSITE, Fullbright scholar)

David Kašpar (Director of Street For Art Festival, senior consultant in cultural policy, cultural manager)